2022 Social Responsibility Partner


Starting in 2021, the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) created an opportunity to provide a collaborative service project between all UNT departments and organizations and add even more value to campus sponsorships. This year, we chose to benefit Grow Southeast, a joint project between the Office of Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks, The Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration, and CoAct, aimed at addressing food and economic inequities in Southeast Fort Worth. Grow Southeast is currently supporting four community leaders to develop urban farms to combat food insecurity which also includes Opal's Farm, the flagship farm of community ​activist Opal Lee.

Why Grow Southeast?

Grow Southeast provides resources, capacity building, and support services to launch new community owned and operated urban farms in Southeast Fort Worth. Their goal is to help each farm become a successful self sufficient entity. Through the impact of the farms we develop, our vision is to establish Southeast Fort Worth as the renowned community for food, culture, and well-being for everyone, everywhere.

Internal Sponsorship

When you support the Equity & Diversity conference 10% will be contributed to Grow Southeast's mission.

How Would Your Funds Be Used?

Below are some of the purchases required for the farms established by Grow Southeast to continue to succeed:

  • Cold storage
  • Outdoor learning kitchen
  • Irrigation infrastructure
  • 8'x40' storage container and foundation
  • Wood fencing
  • Mural for storage container
  • Parking lot
  • Materials for green house construction
  • 3000 gallon water storage tanks
  • Operating supplies

Opportunities to Collaborate

  • Volunteer: Schedule a volunteer day at one of the farms to tend to the land and learn how they are contributing to addressing food insecurity.
  • Healthy Hour: Spend an evening with an urban farm to help pilot a community event aimed at cultivating healthy lifestyles.
  • Apprenticeship: Sponsor a future apprenticeship candidate to help us train the next generation of urban farmers.
  • Capital Sponsorship: Sponsor a capital project to help Grow Southeast build the infrastructure needed for each of the farms.
  • Steering Committee: Serve on our steering committee to help us identify resources, fundraise, and guide the direction of Grow Southeast.



From founder and executive director, Jesse Herrera (he/him):

"Thank you again for the opportunity to present at UNT's Equity and Diversity Conference and the generous donation you gifted CoAct! I wanted to share the following pictures capture this week from Tabor Farms and a link to upcoming events. Thanks to contributions like yours, we are able to bring these amazing farms to life! After our visit this past week, we have to say the mustard greens are tasting divine!"

Rows of soil at Tabor Farms with the center full of sprouted mustard greens.

Close up of sprouted mustard greens.